Nsarraycontroller selection not updating

If the user makes some adjustments to the app I delete all the items in the NSMuteable Array and fill it with new and different items. In a document, accessible via a KVC/KVO compliant -my Array / -set My Array: set of accessors?But the binding of NSMutable Array NSCombo Box does not refresh. I'll bet you're directly telling the "my Array" ivar to -remove All Objects, right? but then, you don't really need a mutable array, do you?You can then download and run the media creation tool.For more information on how to use the tool, see the instructions below.override func view Did Load() override func observe Value(for Key Path key Path: String?

nsarraycontroller selection not updating-42

If I appear confused on this issue, it is because I am... I have a NSMutable Array bound to a NSArray Controller.The controller itself is bound to a Combo Box and it shows all the content of the NSMutable Array. The problem is : The content of the Array will change.When using strictly bindings to display NSText Field content from the selected row, I did not need to define any IBOutlets for the fields, and the text fields remained synchronized with the selected row after sorting, but in order to do what I want, I am having to define IBOutlets for the NSText Fields, and create the set/get pairs, which is fine.Then in Interface Builder I link the IBOutlets to the NSText Field objects that live on a separate Sheet Window. ( 1 ) I select an element (row, or a record) of the NSTable View and open a Sheet Window.

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