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A romantic idealist, she believes wholeheartedly that everyone will get their happy ending. After drowning in the devastation left behind by a cheating father, keeping men at arm's length and finding solace in a dirty book and a pint of ice cream is a safer option.

Enter Ben Mackinnon, the sexy reformed manwhore with a complicated past of his own, he overwhelms her with his perfect mix of sweet sincerity and dirty talking dominance.

From living under the same roof to then being classmates?!

Ever since his parents passed away, Hae Bom has been living in Tae Sung’s house.

"It's a joy for small businesses and for restaurants," he said.

"It doesn't get better than this." Victoria Harlos, owner of the photo printing shop Print & Paint in Altstadt, dismissed criticism about the number of people taking pictures on the street, saying they've been doing it for years.

: Should we be worried about our cherry blossoms because of climate change?

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() With spring rapidly progressing, cherry trees all over the world are beginning to bloom earlier.

"When there's no cherry blossom season, you don't see any people," restaurant owner Ömer Pire said.

He and his family own Döner Haus and three other restaurants in Altstadt and welcome the boost the cherry blossoms bring each year.

— FF," the posters stated in letters clipped from newspapers and magazines.

Police in Bonn launched an investigation into the incident, but said they were examining possible "coercion" and not a hard threat.

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