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There are also hordes of other niche apps for everything from farmers to CEOs to those who keep their pets high on the priority list."There's almost every possible variation that I've seen," Lesnick said.

And some of those, he said, are more blatantly hook up apps — ones that put sex before all else.

Hook up now, date later Dee Jay Mogul, a 28-year-old deejay from Brooklyn, agreed."They're all hookup sites.

Sex is the first thing that comes to mind," he said.

After three dozen or so similar pictures one gets the impression there must be some big cat petting zoo nearby.

Or simply too many single men with too much time on their hands and mad Photoshop skills. While the kookiness of the photos some people put on their online dating apps is almost a given, one thing is still left open to debate.

She's also an online dating expert, working as a consultant for the dating app Tinder.

As of February, online dating was split between mobile and desktop access, according to the com Score report.By the summer, between 60 to 65 percent were opting for mobile access.But that, experts say, likely has more to do with society's love of technology versus anything else."Our phones have become a natural extension of our bodies," said Jessica Carbino, pursuing her Ph D in sociology at UCLA researching sex, dating and relationships.I feel like we can maybe be friends and maybe we can be serious," he said."I know what I ultimately want, which is a relationship to be monogamous."Susanne Cervenka: 732-643-4229; [email protected]

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