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Fun fact: She’s been a host on all big three TV networks.

She took Miss World USA in 1972 and then wowed us as Wonder Woman. It doesn’t surprise us at all that she was once named “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.” Fun fact: She made a guest appearance on “The Muppet Show.” Beverly changed the standards for beauty and modeling in the 1970s, and we think it’s pretty clear why.

Academy Award winner, BAFTA winner, Humanitarian Award winner – is there anything Susan can’t do?

She’s been making her mark since 1970, and we’re constantly impressed.

Fun fact: She holds dual British and Canadian citizenship.

“Daytime’s Leading Lady” played Erica Kane on “All My Children” for more than 40 years, and in those 40 years, we fell more and more in love with her. Fun fact: She’s been married to Helmut Huber since 1969.

Katie gives us the news, good or bad, and we just know we can trust her.

Smart, sexy and she knows what’s going on in the world – talk about the total package!

She began her acting career in 1977 and has been astounding us ever since.Geena has always been our role model, assuring us that we can do whatever we set our hearts to.Actress, writer, model and semifinalist for an Olympic team? Fun fact: She studied in Sweden and became fluent in Swedish.She’s been acting in movies since the 1980s, and she still looks the same as when we fell for her in “Diner.” Fun fact: She studied acting for 10 years before getting her first audition.This woman in a fur bikini is an image we’ll have ingrained in our minds for forever.

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