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abstract noun: A noun denoting a quality or characteristic in gener^.

term: In general, any term, word or expression which 5 ACROPHONY denotes a notion, concept, idea, in contradistinction to a con-- Crete term (q.v.).

absolute: Considered in and for itself (e.g., absolute jorm)^ oi constituting a self-sufl SIcient entity (e.g., absolute ablative). absolute adjective: An adjective used as a substantive.

(Also used aftei^ certain preposi- tions.) Achaean: One of the western dialects of ancient Greek, acoustic: Relating to sound and sound perception, acoustic features: The features of sound in any given utterance, as they are or may b^ recorded experimentally.

It is expected that numerous revisions will be in order from timr to time; therefore the editors earnestlyrequest that reviewers and users of this volume will call to their attention omissions and inaccuracies, and voice suggestions for desiderata and addenda.

At the same time, it is expected that this work will serve a very useful practical purpose.

(E.g., in Japanese, this case is usually formed by placing the particle ova after the noun.) absolute construction: A construction no element or part of which is linked grammatically to the rest of the sentence.

(E.g., absolute ablative.) absolute form: The basic, uninfiected, phonetically and morpho- logically unchanged form of a word as it appears when de- tached from context, i.e., when spoken alone. sandhi- form.) absolute position: In phonetics, the position had by a word, phrase or another linguistic fium (q.v.) when it constitutes a sentence without being a part of a la^^ger linguistic form.

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