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Turn your impatience to something positive like developing a new hobby and learning a new language.

What you’re doing here is judging your partner negatively, focusing on the destructive rather than the constructive.

If this relationship is the most important to you, and you choose to follow through, then you must respect his decision to being a dedicated father.

Patience is vital for a loving relationship because of the long term benefits.

See it as a sort of finesse, a competence worth developing because, in the long run, you’ll become much more serene and more in control over your relationship at home.

Here are three situations that might cause you to experience impatience and prevent you from being gentle and easy going in your loving relationship: Your partner will no doubt be very hesitant to engage fully the second time around so expect things to be sluggish in the beginning.

This sort of behavior may make you look immature and insecure.

If he brings it up, instead show how patient you are by listening and making a joke of it, focusing perhaps on one of your strong points: You could ask “Is her stomach as flat as mine?

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