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All of the women were pretty, and none of wore more than a simple wrap and a loincloth, except for two, both of them standing near the rear of the hall, both wearing robes and heavy veils to cover their features.

Once everyone was in the hall, the slaves closed the doors behind themselves and stood at attention, facing us.

They were followed in by more slaves carrying a huge, square box which was maybe twenty feet across, the whole thing covered with a thick curtain all the way around so its contents couldn't be seen.

They also led in several horses, all of them fine Arabian stallions the like of which I had seen many times before, except for one; he was a truly gigantic horse, larger than any I had ever seen before, being fully five hands taller than any of the others, taller at the shoulder than the head of even the tallest man.

""Certainly,""Do you desire to watch some of the most unique displays my kingdom has to offer?

"Most certainly,""Very good," he clapped his hands, and several women filed in, leading many male slaves.

C’est pour cela que nous vous proposons de rallier l’aventure Woopets !

Le site, créé en 2008 et modernisé en 2018, est exclusivement dédié aux animaux de compagnie.

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It wasn't until the replacement of the torches that the other Sultan clapped his hands."Now, for the festivities of the Night!

Pour tout savoir sur nos animaux de compagnie, Woopets met à votre disposition une actualité riche, variée et renouvelée quotidiennement.

Des conseils et astuces, sous la forme de fiches pratiques, de guides, vous permettant de mieux comprendre et prendre soin de ces êtres si chers à nos yeux.

He shook his head and flipped his tail when I looked at him, as if he knew I was watching.

There were also close to twenty mastiffs, two goats, a water buffalo, a boar, a camel, one very small, undoubtedly very young elephant, and a hideous creature the likes of which I had never seen before, which was hairless and gray and had one large horn on its nose.

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