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On our PUMA Knives page we want to give you some background information about the company and their high quality knives made in Germany. “PUMA-WERK Lauterjung & Sohn” in Solingen, Germany, has a history dating back to 1769 which adds up to almost 250 years of cutlery experience. If you have any suggestions or questions about our products please contact us.This vast experience with metal and its ready availability, coupled with the German people’s traditional technical skills and penchant for research, bore the inevitable fruit of Solingen’s supremacy in cutlery.

Moreover we offer selected blades and beautiful leather sheaths for your favorite puma knives. To extend this section we appreciate it, if you send us your feedback or review of your PUMA knife.PUMA cutlers have produced some of the world’s finest barbers’ razors, professional knives, table knives, shears, scissors, dagger and swords for the army – both functional and decorative.Your investment in a Puma Knife pays dividends in lifelong dependability, pride of possession and the comforting knowledge that your Puma Knife preserves a tradition of perfection nurtured through generations of skill and integrity.For fishing, sailing or diving you need a knife specially designed for the requirement of your sport.

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