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Find your British Quaker ancestors in the records of the Society of Friends.

Discover birth records dating back to 1578 and up to 1841 and find out your ancestor’s name as well as when they were born and who their parents were.

In 1831 he began making his own cocoa and chocolate, then in 1847 his brother Benjamin joined the firm and in 1853 the Cadbury brothers received a royal warrant as official confectioners for Queen Victoria. He paid his workers well and established work councils so they could air their grievances and kept a physician on staff to provide for workers' health care.

He also campaigned to end child labour and was one of the founding members of the Animal Friends Society which would later become the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Drawing on a wealth of documentary material, this book charts the involvement of Quakers and Jews in many different aspects of science: scientific research, science education, science-related careers, and scientific institutions ranging from the Royal Society to the Great Exhibition.

Particularly instructive are the responses of both communities to the challenge of modernity posed principally by Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Under the Julian calendar the year ran from Lady Day to Lady Day, in other words from March 25th until March 25th.In 1776 they overhauled the whole registration system and introduced a more systematic procedure.Post 1776 birth records contain the date of birth, place of birth including the locality, parish and county, the parents’ names, often including the occupation of the father, the child’s name and the names of witnesses.Many Quakers became prominent members of the business community.In these birth records you can find many members of the Cadbury family, who started the chocolate empire.

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