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No private records or credit data were used, nor does Quest Diagnostics have access to or save this information during any point of the verification process.

Additionally, Quest Diagnostics does not share any protected health information (PHI) with the identity verification service.

Note: " You will receive an email asking you to confirm your Quest Account.

Just click on the link and a screen will appear stating that your account has been confirmed.

Yes, we implement industry best practices, such as secure HTTPS encryption, to protect your information.

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Their data quality and question-generation algorithms are the industry gold standard.

For example, if an email address associated with an account is [email protected], you would see A.*****[email protected]

If you think this was your account, based on what you can see of the email address, you can click the Recover button and receive an email (at the indicated email address) with your Quest Account username.

If you want to finish setting up your My Quest account, sign into My Quest, confirm your identity by answering the knowledge-based authentication questions, and authorize Quest to send you your lab test results.

First, check your spam filter—it may be preventing the email from reaching your inbox.

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