Radiometric dating human history

Predictable: Since they’re repeatable, they’re also predictable.

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Given all the needed factors (and pilots are required to know them and plan for them before every flight) a pilot can accurately predict the performance of his aircraft so he can determine whether he can safely take off and conduct the flight. The Science and Guesswork of Radiometric Dating The science Age is not a quantity that can be directly measured.

They know that radiometric dating is not, and in fact cannot be the precise science they want you to believe it is.

Consider: In conventional interpretation of K-Ar (Potassium-Argon) age it is common to discard ages which are substantially too high or too low compared with the rest of the group or with other available data such as the geological time scale.

[2] Variances were seen regardless of location: The expectation is that rocks located at the same site would date to the same age regardless of the method used.

From the data above, obviously that is not the case.

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