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After that, depending on where the animal dies, the process of fossilization can occur in different ways.

For most fossils there are three basic things that are needed: sediment, pressure, and time.

Fossils are found all over the world and on every continent.

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An animal that dies in a cold place, like the tundra, can be frozen.

Though there is no one age, a good rule is anything over 10,000 years old can be considered a fossil.

The oldest fossils ever discovered are more than 3.5 billion years old.

How Fossils are Dated: Superposition, Carbon-14, and Radiometric Dating Imagine you've found a fossil in your backyard and you want to know how old it is. A long time ago scientists used the concept of superposition, which states that the oldest layer of sedimentary rock is found at the bottom of the strata, or layers, and the youngest at the top.

While they didn't have exact dates for how old these strata were, they could determine which fossils were older than others based on which layer they were found in.

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