Robert pattinson girlfriend dating

He needs to understand that if they’re going to make this work.”Just last week it was reported by Life & Style Magazine that Pattinson was looking to find a home for the two of them.

A source told the magazine, “Rob has an apartment in West London, but he wants to start fresh.

Robert Pattinson being “surprised” Kristen Stewart has fallen “hard” for her new girlfriend Sara Dinkin is yet another made-up story.

It comes from a website that’s well-known for fabricating phony tales about Pattinson.

The reality is Pattinson doesn’t think “all the time” about an girlfriend from more than five years ago. It’s time for Hollywood Life to move on from its bad habit of making up articles about Pattinson.

quotes a source, who also says the two bonded over music and met through mutual friends.

So just who is the girl in the high-waist flood pants and black Dr.

Gossip Cop can explain how the latest manufactured article came about.

Hollywood Life, which is frequently referred to as Hollywood Lies, maintains it knows Pattinson “thinks” about Stewart “all the time,” and is now shocked how his ex-girlfriend has become smitten “so fast” with Dinkin, a Los Angeles-based stylist.

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