Roissy dating market value

On a first date the check arrives for dinner and drinks.

You: Offer to split the check or even pay in full: 1 point Smile and thank the guy when he pays for the check: 0 points Forget to thank him after he pays for your ungrateful ass: -1 point29. Unlike the men who took my Male Dating Market Value test, I do not expect *any* women to be completely honest with themselves taking the Female Dating Market Value test.

You are a player’s greatest challenge, and his greatest reward, because unlike the perfect woman there is still something human about you.

Girls, you may take this quiz for your boyfriends to see if you are slumming it or about to be cheated on.1. under 25 years old: 0 points 26-34 years old: 1 point 35-45 years old: 0 points 45 years old: -1 point2. under 5’9″: -1 point 5’9″ to 5’11″: 0 points 6′ to 6’4″: 1 point over 6’4″: 0 points3. Have you ever played a leading role in a team sport? It’s a safe assumption that most people know a high status job when they see it.)High status : -1 point11. 0 to 3: -1 point 4 to 20: 0 points over 20: 1 point12. Within the past month: 1 point Between one month and one year ago: 0 points Over one year ago: -1 point14. None: -1 point A few have: 0 points Nearly everyone who knows me: 1 point15. Under 85: -1 point 85 to 110: 0 points 110 to 130: 1 point 130 to 145: 0 points over 145: -1 point16.

How many friends have you met through the internet that you have never seen in person? At a party, which happens first – you approach someone or someone approaches you?

UPDATE: I’ve adjusted the scoring and categories a bit because the test was skewed somewhat toward lower scores.

For those who have arguments with my scoring system, understand that it is based on averages.

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