Saying i love you before dating

Bottom line is this – if it feels like a big elephant in the room when he drops the “L”-word bomb, then there is something wrong.

And you also shouldn’t see it as the magic word that convinces you that he is a keeper.

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Or after he got promoted, got fired, moved to a new place, or got bitten by a dog. So you have been away on a business trip, and he missed you a lot. So wait until you go back to your routine and see if he still feels that way. So he’s had a few more shots of alcohol than he can handle, and you’re there to help him get in a cab, or you’re there to pat his back as he vomits on the sidewalk.

Who knows—the guy might even be visualizing having sex with his ex for all you know.

[Read: All the reasons why saying I love you too soon sucks] #5 Right after nookie.

If he is saying I love you, but you’re not sure who else he is saying those words to, then you will have a big problem if you believe what he says. So he says he loves you, but he’s not serious about your relationship or is not willing to commit? If he’s saying one thing and doing another, then he’s not really sincere and may just be manipulating you.

If he says those words, think about how you feel in that exact moment. [Read: Signs your guy means it when he says I love you] #8 Is he in it for the long haul?

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