School rumble dating game

There are times when something backfires whenever she gets so close to him.In Episode 3 of School Rumble First Semester, there is a time when Tenma needs to draw Karasuma in an art class.She is the only person who can cook worse than her friend Eri Sawachika.She fails at most sports she tries, but is surprisingly good at archery and skiing. Grade-wise, she usually gets all turtles (which is supposed to represent an F).Tenma has a habit of misunderstanding and misinterpreting situations, even obvious ones.She is quite naive and gullible, as she is willing to trust anyone. Tenma is shown to be bad at cooking, sports, and academics.

Tenma pretends to not know that Harima loves her and leaves Japan for the United States.Tenma worries she has no good qualities, as she can only think of the bad qualities she has.She is quite childish, but really wants to be thought of as a woman.Tenma is shown to have a very naive and positive personality.She usually puts her positive thoughts with her determination to get close to Ooji Karasuma.

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