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While cosmetic edits are typically on the lower end of usefulness, they will sometimes be useful enough to have community consensus to be done on their own.

Likewise, while substantive edits are typically on the higher end of usefulness, doing them by bots will sometimes create more problems than they solve.

The "spectrum of usefulness" is a general concept useful in evaluating bot tasks.

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A bot will typically use an owner-only consumer to simplify the process.

Gadgets are much easier for inexperienced users to enable than other user scripts. This is typical done to perform context-sensitive edit from an account with a bot flag.

A human (made of meat, unlike a robot) editor that makes a large amount of repetitive edits from their own account, often with semi-automated tools, much like a bot would.

This increases account security, but interferes with automated login by a bot, so a bot password or OAuth is normally used to allow the bot to authenticate.

Refers to editing that is assisted by various scripts and tools (such as Auto Wiki Browser). BAG members are trusted to understand Wikipedia's bot policy and to offer sound bot-related advice to bot operators, admins, bureaucrats, and editors alike. Bot operators will detail the task for which they request approval, along with technical information about the bot.

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