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Happy to submit or dominate, I consider Myself a sensualist , epicurean and easthet ( if I could spell it ). There’s always a decent bottle of wine to make things better. She feels better being able to touch him, to kiss him goodnight.

Oh and some more detail nto the kink side is that i am a switch an inexperienced one but one nonetheless. Especially into sexy, satin lingerie and right dresses.He instructed her not to wait up and said he would kiss her when he got in. Maybe it was her self-doubt that made her nervous sometimes – always afraid Daddy was going to realize he’d made a mistake bringing little Miss Kitten into his world, into his life. ” “Yes, Sir.” “When you disobey me, Kitten, you put my favorite person, my favorite possession in all the world at risk. Leaning, he whispered at her ear, firmly in a deep deliberate clipped English accent “Never apologize for what you need, Kitten. He would give her so many spanks her cheeks would be tender for a full day. There was only the feel, the sound, of his hands on her.Perhaps she simply needed a spanking so she slept better. ” “I missed you, Sir.” “Come.” He bent and scooped her into a standing position, moving up the stairs and taking most of her groggy weight. That makes me unhappy.” They reached the master suite. Kneel in the chair and wait for me.” She moved quickly, stripping the little sweet bra and panties away that he had carefully chosen for her that morning but leaving the ultra soft opaque woollen over knee stockings, and heels. I’ve neglected you.” Daddy's hand stroked down her back to cup her ass as he added, “Now you’ll have to be punished…and rewarded. I’m sorry I disobeyed, Sir.” His fingers traced her cheek before cupping her jaw possessively. Then he would take her there, driving her over the peak of pleasure until she was limp with exhaustion. Not one person in the rest of her life would understand. One palm slid around to hold her flat abdomen, the other came down with a sharp crack on her ass cheek. By the seventh she was fighting her moans of arousal. Then he went still, his hand resting on the bright red lips of her pussy just above her clit.However, one night stands or hookups do not appeal to me and even if the idea of it did attract me, it would only happen if we got to know each other to a good point in my opinion (i am just saying it bluntly for your benefit).Anyways moving on this does not mean something bigger can't occur (like moving on to be a couple if that were to appeal to us in time).

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