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And maybe Brad Salem deserves a shot at applying Dantonio’s offensive philosophy, introducing a new voice to the meeting room, introducing a new approach to the practice field, and introducing a new strategic style to game planning and executing on game day.

Salem’s been an under-the-radar star on Dantonio’s staff ever since he arrived.

The messaging all along the brand new video boards that border the north endzone highlighted Michigan State’s Rose Bowl victory, the Spartans’ divisional championships, and the team’s record over the previous five years while the brand new gigantic jumbotron on the opposite side of Spartan Stadium broadcasted highlights from some of the team’s great moments of the previous five years.Salem brought my nephew – and a a batch of fifteen or so other players – over to Spartan Stadium for a special workout session.I walked with my nephew and brother-in-law as Salem led us across the street.In the summer of 2014, I accompanied my nephew to one of Michigan State’s invitational camps for high school football players that the Spartan staff had identified as recruiting targets.At the time, my nephew was 6’8″ and he weighed about 220 pounds.

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