Sexy chat with bot with video

That goes double for a site like Facebook where another distraction is always just around the corner.

Esther Crawford is a San Francisco-based marketer who found an incredibly creative way of using bots to promote her brand. The bot let prospective employers learn about Esther’s personal and work experience through a conversation rather than a list of accomplishments.

Every click brought up a new fact or story about Esther’s life, turning her resume into an interactive piece of digital media.

Esther’s bot got popular quick, hitting #2 on Product Hunt immediately after launch, racking up 1,000 recommends on Medium and resulting in 24,000 messages exchanged with employees of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and various other startups.

If customers are just at the beginning of their trip plan, this is a great way to search for popular attractions and experiences they might be interested in.

Answers link to the direct webpages for booking and payment as well.

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