Sikh parents and dating

Pre marital sexual relationships are not condoned in Sikhi and sex with anyone other than ones marriage partner is forbidden as well.

Discipline and righteousness are the cornerstones of Sikh principles.

Each family member is expected to play their role in the family to help nurture and flourish the family; mothers are traditionally given an important role in the bring up of the young within the family.

After the Sikh mother gives birth to a child, she with the other female members play a dominate role in the bringing up of the child for the first few years.

The third Guru, Amar Das (1479–1574) proclaimed: "Family life is superior to ascetic life in sectarian garb because it is from householders that ascetics meet their needs by begging" (AG, p. To understand the family relationships, caste and gender issues need to be addressed from the Sikh perspective.

The family in Sikhism is a training school for social, cultural, political and spiritual makeup. From the family of birth, the religious and ethnic ideas are implanted in the child.

According to Sikhism, the concept of family values is the only way to attain prosperity and world peace.

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Marriage, called Anand Karaj in Sikhi is considered to be a sacrament.

Sikhs believe in Naam Simran while living a family life which has all the elements of love, laughter, optimism, pride, pity, joy, gratitude, respect, purity, service and sacrifice.

The Sikh family preserves human values, cultural identity and historical continuity.

Life of a householder is the best institution to fulfil the Sikh ideal of contributing to the development of human society.

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism stressed the importance of the "way of the householder" as the ideal pattern of life for the seeker of liberation, rejecting the ascetic alternative.

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