Sim girl dating cheats

Also make sure you are NOT using Firefox if playing the 99megastore version of the game.

If you are playing the Newgrounds version don’t worry about it.

More on how exactly these stats compare when talking to the girls can be found in the Relationships: Kotomi and Tomoko section. When having sex for charm you can only get 5-9 charm each time.

When training for strength you can get 10-14 strength each time.

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The differences in game play are: When studying you can only get 5-9 knowledge each time. (This is the type you will need to pick to follow the Walkthrough after this introduction) The differences in game play are: When studying you can get 15-19 knowledge each time.Link- the ending movie (9/10)Fun (10/10)Overall (9.7/10)Note- this was not crated by me and this game takes a long ass time to beat.# Starting the Game and a Brief Guide to the World of Simgirls.******At any point in time, if there turns out to be something I missed or something that should change in this walkthrough, I will edit this first post to reflect the best possible guide to Simgirls at that time.I will post the version up top and last edit date of the walkthrough at the bottom of the post every time I edit it.******If you have problems with buttons not working during the game, make sure that caps lock is off.When training for strength you can get 15-19 strength each time.When working as a drug dealer, you only have a 5% chance of getting caught (instead of a 15% chance for everyone else).

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