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The high school in Monster Prom exists in a colorful alternate dimension filled with coquettish Medusas and demon jocks — and you (and up to three friends) must date one of them.

Spanish indie studio Beautiful Glitch’s debut game is a competitive dating simulator with a few party games thrown in.

Berbece describes it as a “full-time job” that can cripple small studios because it’s so time-consuming that they can no longer focus on development. We’re trying to provide that.” In addition to helping Beautiful Glitch with marketing, Those Awesome Guys are working on localizing the game in Chinese.

So Those Awesome Guys decided to take its learnings and give being a publisher a shot. During Monster Prom’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the game picked up some hype in China.

We played hot-seat style, sharing the keyboard and taking turns making decisions.

After we selected our characters, we each had to take a quick personality quiz with questions like “Who’s the coolest mythological creature?

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“He made a Kickstarter for that that was very successful, twice I think. He’s very into art and pop culture and things like that.

We have to have complete trust in the partner we’re working with,” said Finch.

“We do, but it’s—a lot of things will need to go through a filter of the developer or ourselves, because they’ll never, ever mirror 100 percent in both languages.

But before you head to the cafeteria to find romance, Monster Prom pauses for quick party game.

It poses questions or challenges for players, and whoever “wins” gets to choose their table first.

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