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[Offenders are] not inherently different from lots of us, but they choose not to monitor an appropriate boundary.” What’s worse is that there’s been an increase.A 2009 study found up to 64,000 women in the UK are ‘child-sex offenders’, though it’s estimated there are just hundreds in jails as opposed to thousands of male sex offenders.

They frame it that way and over look that they’re a child.

Though no sexual contact took place, a report found she “clearly crossed the professional boundaries that would be expected from any teacher /student relationship." Harfield had contacted a student over Skype, and bought one an i Pad and a laptop.

Similarly Vaughan contacted a student over Facebook.

“We can all feel connections with people but where we say it’s not appropriate and put the brakes on, they don’t put those brakes on.

I think they frame it in their minds in a way that’s positive.

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