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It then becomes obvious why they haven’t found what they are looking for. Don’t put too much heart into anyone until they truly show up in a way that feels real.

They are attracting the wrong people based on their profile. Hook up in hope: Instant chemistry is awesome and can make you feel you’ve known the person your entire life, but be careful, I’ve witnessed much heartbreak from that instant connection without communication. Especially, in the frontier of online dating, there are tons of possibility, too many choices, which leads to fantasy. Lose yourself: Dating is just one aspect of your life. If you find yourself picking up your phone to see who’s reached out or to swipe to see who’s out there more than being out with friends, exercising or taking care of you, than maybe limit yourself to a determined daily time.

Dating is a deeply personal experience and can be quite triggering depending on how well you know yourself, but there are universal do’s and don’ts for all ages.

You meet a really cute guy or beautiful woman, there’s an instant spark and you have a great date.

We broke up and I thought, I’ll take a break but then I thought, no, I want relationship, I’m going to keep going, and the next week I met my now-boyfriend.

Stay in fantasy: Get very real about what you are looking for.

Work on yourself: All dates are an opportunity for you to learn more about you.

Instead of looking for someone to "save" you or be "the one," begin to cultivate a life you’d want to share with someone.

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