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In the context of the Common Field Convening with organizers coming together from across the country, we hope CESD can be used as a catalyst for attendees to forge bonds that extend outside the conference.

Borrowing both the tone and format of speed dating, CESD brings people face-to-face for fun, if at times awkward, conversations that help people learn more about who they are sharing space with in the room and at the convening.

Consider, for a moment, how you would react if a sales person asks nothing about your line of work, area of specialty, or business needs and launches into a scripted monologue.

In analyzing a similar scenario with speed dating, the researchers discovered similar results.

In other words, those people that asked more questions were more likely to be asked on follow-up dates than those who did not ask questions.

I concluded that the only thing I needed to do was nail the facts and features of my product and ask for the sale.

I didn’t try to connect with the client and as a result the conversation was little more than a one man show: “This is what my product offers and it’s the best on the market, etc.

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