Speed dating in the classroom shane keough dating

Everyone in the outer circle in search of their "soul mate" will rotate one seat to the left.They now have a new partner that they will share their interests, hobbies, and accomplishments with.I am an activist who has worked hard to extend rights to women and African Americans.I wrote a newspaper called the North Star in the hopes of advancing the abolitionist cause and was a friend of Abraham Lincoln's." The person across from them may or may not be their match.Whatever topic you’re covering, keep in mind that your staff or students will be spending approximately 3 minutes per person during the “speed dating” exchange. Speed dating is a setup meant to facilitate a quick exchange of information in order to sift what you like and what you don’t like.

If you like what you hear a more in depth discussion can be had after the rounds during the “smack down”.For example, if they were Samuel de Champlain they would talk about their explorations along the St. In that minute, they will realize, that they really don't have enough in common to be a solid match. " This adds a bit of fun and silliness to the activity. I then ask the students to share what they think the common bond between the two is.However, if the person across from them sounds like the match, which in this case is William Lloyd Garrison, they might say something like, "Wow, I wrote an abolitionist newspaper too. I fought for the immediate emancipation of slaves, and, like you, wanted to extend rights to African Americans." Once the one minute timer concludes and the buzzer sounds, the students who have found their match stand up and say something like, "I've found the one! Once a pair has discovered their match, they stay put.The objective of the activity is for students to take the perspective of the individual they have been assigned and find someone with whom they have a common bond.As you can see above, the students will be sitting across from a partner.

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