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You know you are going fake all around and Instead of falling in love with a person’s abilities, charm, aura, sense of humour, behaviour, his respect for other life-forms, compatibility, wavelength, voice (it matters) and manners, you fall for just a picture in which he/she was looking good.

Online dating makes you date a creation and not the person.

On an average there are 10 million tinder users who use it every day.

The numbers are really fascinating, and so are the opportunities to find your beloved.

Swipe right if you find the person appealing otherwise swipe left.

This feature gave people the advantage of being straight forward with their potential partner but was misused by many to go for more than 30-40 right swipes a day.

Launched on 12 September 2012, it was the first dating app with the swipe feature i.e.Even Whats App, Instagram and Facebook users know it. You overthink and you don’t have any excuse you can escape in the shadow of. It decides your self-esteem and sometimes even your self-respect.When you’ve sent a message to someone you like and he/she hasn’t texted back. At times, it hurts your ego and at others, expectations.And in just two years, by 2014 it was receiving two billion swipes per day.Tinder today has more than 50 million active users and has been downloaded from Google play Store more than 100 million times.

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