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“Just being here to support Steve with his views and his experience in matching couples and working with couples and you know he’s really great at it, he’s awesome!He really didn’t need much of my help, “I’m the Den Mother! While fans are accustomed to seeing Steve and Jo Ann counsel only women on TV, they actually help both men and women with their Philadelphia-based business, Master Matchmakers.Taking charge is something women often avoid as they think it makes them look needy; however, taking charge (like asking a guy for his number) comes off as confidence to a man.The 5 Don’ts of flirting are: don’t make it too obvious, don’t stare, don’t overdo it, don’t flirt with other guys at the same time and don’t feign interest (in other words–keep your signals consistent.) Throughout the episodes, Steve is constantly dolling out dating advice so make sure to tune in to the Tough Love season finale this Sunday on VH1.

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When flirting, you should: smile, make eye contact, flatter, take charge and act gracefully.

“We have a hard time communicating, like just getting along, not infidelity, not mistrust, nothing like that—it’s just that we fight a lot and it’s stupid!

” Knowing something must be done, Heather applied for VH1’s Tough Love: Couples, a boot camp from Philadelphia’s own Steve and Jo Ann Ward.

Without being able to hear the tone of someone’s voice, texting can often be misconstrued, especially when trying to have an in depth conversation.

This is why it’s important to only text need-to-know information.

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