Tribal dating site

As of March 2004, the population of Tribe was skewed heavily towards people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, though the geographic distribution is gradually normalizing as people from other places join. In a controversial move, on December 20, 2005, decided to prohibit sexually explicit content, partially in response to the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act.This move disappointed many users, as Tribe to that point had been notable for a permissive content policy.

In 2006, a new company called Utah Street Networks was formed to buy the assets of Tribe Networks and continue operation of the site.This transition was largely transparent to the users of the site, but largely coincides with the "taking back Tribe" message posted by Mr. In March 2007, Cisco Systems announced their acquisition of Tribe Networks' technology assets.New Systems attempted to rewrite the Tribe software so that it would no longer need to license it from Cisco.In practice, these tribes are a kind of topical forum. When a user creates a new tribe, that user is the moderator of the tribe.Any user may in principle join any tribe, although some tribes are private or require permission from the moderator to join.

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