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Ellison Hatfield was the older brother of Hatfield Family Patriarch Devil Anse Hatfield.On election day 1882, Ellison got into an arguement with three Mc Coys, Tolbert, Pharmer, & Randolph, Jr.You bring hats, jackets, coolers and ice, sunblock, suitable foot wear (no flip flops) and clothing to match the time of year and to insure a comfortable day on the river.A waterproof bag is recommended for cameras, cell phones keys and wallets.Recent Crests (1) 12.81 ft on 09/28/2018 (P) (2) 13.40 ft on 05/07/2018 (3) 15.49 ft on 04/17/2018 (4) 12.80 ft on 02/12/2018 (5) 13.49 ft on 05/25/2017 Show More Recent Crests (P): Preliminary values subject to further review.We have detected that you are using a browser that needs to be updated or replaced.

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He has also won the Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia, and the Biggs Award for Excellence in Geoscience Teaching from the Geoscience Education Division of the Geological Society of America.

Callan served as a contributing editor at EARTH magazine for many years.

The three stabbed Ellison 26 times and finished him off with a single gunshot.

Historic Crests (1) 24.33 ft on 01/20/1996 (2) 23.95 ft on 11/05/1985 (3) 22.00 ft on 06/24/2016 (4) 20.30 ft on 12/27/1973 (5) 19.90 ft on 03/07/1967 Show More Historic Crests (P): Preliminary values subject to further review.

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