Twitter dating service

(screenshot of twitter taken November 8, 2006) Howard Lindzon had showed me a little website,, over two years earlier in early 2007. But another way to keep in touch with many people who I would like but who would probably never be my friends. Why weren’t the servers going down because they were loaded with so many signups? But it had been hard work and I needed a rest after that. It was in some summer program at a college (that was my definition of “summer vacation” during college.

And to this day I’m really upset that Sophia Lee never even spoke to me again. I have some lessons I learned from this experience.

I met one girl who had just divorced a 0 millionaire 20 years older. We got some investors excited and got enough interest to raise up to 0,000 or more. And Jeff Pulver wanted me to speak at a conference about love and twitter. That’s like panties with shit on it having something to do with nudity. A few months earlier I had to be escorted to a motel by police.

I’d spend two hours a night instant-messaging, preparing messages, looking at pictures. Also, every day we’d use an algorithm to determine your ideal picks and we’d send you the twitter IDs of your “perfect matches”. Meanwhile, GM wanted me to go to Detroit to talk about Twitter. I felt like I was in the ad agency business again and I gave that up 10 years earlier. What would love having anything to do with twitter anyway.

And then people can browse your pictures and twitter feeds and determine if they like you and then send you messages through the service. Because this guy is going to be the winner.” I tried to patch it up saying, “well, twitter is a big world.” But there you go, two twitter dating sites at the same surprise birthday dinner for Tim Sykes. Which meant I was being completely ripped off somehow.

I listened to another woman cry about how I would never be able to provide her a yacht on the mediterannean (I thought it sounded too boring and I would probably get burned). You wouldn’t have to answer any big profile questions. I’M ALSO working on a dating site for twitter.” And everyone started to laugh. It was as if they all said, “you guys suck.” Or even worse, “James, you suck. I probably had eight of the nine happening to me on a regular basis.

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