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In addition, many states employ a distribution requirement, dictating where in the state these signatures must be collected.Beyond these overarching requirements, many states regulate the manner in which signatures may be collected and the timeline for collecting them.Michigan does not have a single-subject rule for ballot initiatives.The courts have interpreted the state constitution as making a distinction between constitutional amendments and constitutional revisions.

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These regulations may include laws that mandate that initiatives address only one topic, restrict the range of acceptable topics for proposed laws, prohibit unfunded mandates and establish guidelines for adjudicating contradictory measures.Citizens of Michigan may initiate legislation as either an indirectly initiated state statute or a directly initiated constitutional amendment.For statutes, if the petition receives enough valid signatures, then the state legislature has 40 days to adopt or reject the proposal.(7) Each petition under this section must provide at the top of the page check boxes and statements printed in 12-point type to clearly indicate whether the circulator of the petition is a paid signature gatherer or a volunteer signature gatherer.(8) Each petition under this section must clearly indicate below the statement required under subsection (7) and be printed in 12-point type that if the petition circulator does not comply with all of the requirements of this act for petition circulators, any signature obtained by that petition circulator on that petition is invalid and will not be counted.

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