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For example: Before you can sync your Nokia phone with your Zimbra mail, you will need to download and install the latest version of the Nokia Mail for Exchange software.

You can find this software at one of the following links: Important: The current version of Mail for Exchange for the S60 ( 2.9.158 ) is broken for the E65 and E71 variants.

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I had to put updated software on my Telstra E51 the other day because Telstra has upgraded the mobile equipment in the field and the E51 would reset all the time (I would get a white screen and then it reset, white screen and reset over and over) Once I updated the Nokia E51 and all was working again I plugged the Nokia E51 in the PC and the Nokia PC Suite started up.

After the brief introduction it is now time to present the phone that will be reviewed in the following text, namely – the Nokia E51.

Trust me; it has all that you need in a smartphone.The phone has all the cool features one would look for in a smart phone; it was light (just about 100 grams) enough to carry around and looked cute. The Nokia E51 is yet another Symbian S60 (Symbian 9.2) model.It follows the same menu software structure as in other similar smartphones like the N series phones, so if you have used any other Nokia phone, then you don’t have to read the user guide to start using it.Today, I got a chance to put my hands on a Nokia E51 Mobile Phone.The phone felt cozy in my hands and instantly I started to like it.

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