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” My speculations and further comments on the matter cannot be written in a public venue. This is the “blank” document on which all new MS Word documents are based.

If you work at a larger office or corporation, chances are your IT staff have already rectified this ghastly situation for you.

Alternatively, you can select them and click the toolbar's red .

Or you can right-click them and choose DELETE on the popup menu.

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The new version will not include any of the customizations that you made to the version that you renamed or moved.

Despite Word's imperfections, I like the program and have used it for many years.

I began with Word 3 (for DOS) in 1987 and have used every upgrade through Word 2010.

Most importantly, click on Paragraph (the region highlighted in the screenshot below with a red box) and edit the spacing according to your personal preferences (likely what is displayed in the screenshot below).

Microsoft Word is the world's most used word processing program, but it has never had a reputation for rock solid stability.

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