Updating wordpress

The same is true for any themes and plugins you may have installed.In short, without PHP your Word Press website would not exist.Finally, PHP 7 has seen improvements in terms of security that make applications built with it harder to hack (if that ever does happen, learn how to recover from a hacked Word Press site).In addition to the above, the lifetime of older PHP versions is running out.It is now able to resolve script problems without necessarily having to terminate the entire process.That’s good news to those site visitors who don’t like to deal with faulty websites (hint: that’s all of them).

One of the main improvements PHP 7 offers to Word Press users is increased speed.Benchmarks show the new version to be up to twice as fast as its predecessor.As a consequence, your server is able to deliver your website to more visitors while doing less work (by the way, there are more things you can do to speed up Word Press).In addition to that, the new version makes code easier to read (and thus support).Furthermore, PHP 7 has gotten a lot better at handling errors.

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