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The infotainment screen itself is a paragon of ergonomic brilliance in that navigation, ventilation, vehicle systems functions and all the rest are easy to access without needing to recruit a 14 year-old for assistance.

In this, Volvo may have researched its core demographic well.

This stunning Swede has all the right elements for both trails and pavement.

Chunky, charcoal-colored cladding and a hearty 3.0-inch suspension lift separate Volvo’s rugged Cross Country from its low-riding counterpart.

Unlike its somewhat upright and bulky predecessor, the new V60 looks longer, wider and flatter, which indeed it is.

But conventional wagons are what Volvo has done historically, and done well from the viewpoint of practicality and dependability.

Adding the attributes of style, performance and greater comfort might just tempt some buyers away from the SUV wagon-train.

Beneath the powered tailgate of the more upmarket Inscription version is a long load area capable of swallowing 529 litres.

That’s about 100 litres more than the previous V60 and interestingly, even 25 litres more than the supposedly more usefully packaged XC60.

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