What does post dating a cheque mean

It is mainly used when you want to make payment at a later date.

The encashment of a post-dated cheque before the stated date varies from country to country.

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the paying bank will accept the cheque for honour or encashment if it is presented after passing or arrival of the date specified on the cheque.

One can encash such a cheque, on or after 19th April 2019 and not before it.

These type of cheques are called post-dated cheques.

(For example, if Mike writes a check on the 14th of January, but postdates it for the 28th, the bank will not cash the check for another two weeks.) Article 3, Section 113 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) outlines the rules for postdated checks. S., the Uniform Commercial Code is a standard set of business laws to regulate financial contracts.

The UCC better enables lenders to loan money, secured by a borrower's personal property.

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