When a guy says you are intimidating

I spent so much time in school because it made sense for me — for my skill set, my interests, and my career path. I am 100k in debt; my student debt will negatively impact my life forever.

I tried to tell him that people don’t like to hear that, it makes us feel like we should be toning ourselves down, and I asked him to take it back. I feel like my life is the best it has been in years, but I now have an even HARDER time in dating than I did before.I wanted to tell them about the celebratory trips I took.I wanted to tell them about my decisions on whether to job search or not.Pride in the fact that I finished my degree before age 30, which wasn’t even really a specific goal I had, but I just think it’s cool to say.During all of this excitement and all of my post-defense celebrations, traveling around the US and Europe visiting friends and family, reveling in my new-found free time, this was a time when most things in my life (aside from my bank account) have been getting drastically easier, lighter, and more fun.

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