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His friends and family, according to them, have described him as “quiet,” “normal,” “nerdy,” and “kind”—qualities, together with “Christian” and “lone wolf” and other similar descriptors appear the textbook recipe for a lyncher and a mass murderer. White males now find themselves in competition with other groups and increasing numbers of them can’t assume their place in the middle class, much less among the elite.The media has gone out of its way to stick to the script when there was evidence that Conditt grew up among Christian survivalist circles and was himself involved, according to a friend, with a Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT), a fringe group of evangelicals “into weapons and stuff.” “White families are being ruptured culturally and economically.So why are investigators and the media going to such great lengths to say that Mark Conditt was not motivated by terrorism or race hate?Why are they scratching their heads trying to gain clarity about his motives? history, being a normal white Christian means expecting white Christian supremacy, which is eroding a little bit every day.more dangerous in the United States than a white male who has expected to succeed and finds himself falling behind.Or a white male who has power and feels his prerogatives are being challenged from every direction by women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and their capitalist overlords.We saw this most recently with the coverage of a home-schooled Christian, unemployed college dropout serial-bomber who terrorized a whole city for weeks and left two people dead and four other victims wounded.

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In stories from the the Austin bomber was described as “smart and kind,” “quiet and introverted,” “polite” “computer geek” who was “frustrated by life.” Unarmed Black and brown men and children killed by cops are thugs, deviants, “no angels” and terrorists, and so are the parents who gave birth to and raised them, especially those with a criminal history.

But the parenting practices of white, middle-class adults is often assumed to be a matter of choice for individual families.

“The media have not criticized white parents of violence and struggles over how to label it.

Data shows that Americans who are most “emotionally and morally attached” to their guns are 65 percent male and 78 percent white. Because demographically speaking, white folks are facing a genetic winter and fear being overtaken by people of color.

Recall the shrill cries of those neo-Nazi tiki-torchbearers in Charlottsville who declared: Tommy J.

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