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Daniel has amassed quite a fortune thanks to his fame as an actor, and of course, playing James Bond.In the 2017 Sunday Times rich list, Daniel and Rachel were listed as being worth £82million.He lives in a £6million London mansion with wife Rachel.The actor was reportedly offered £116million to do two more Bond films.asked Rachel how he’s doing after hurting his ankle during a stunt, and she responded, “He’s very well, thank you.Really well…He’s doing well.” Daniel underwent surgery after the stunt gone wrong and was seen in a walking boot and using crutches afterwards.FACT He starred in Casino Royale, which featured music by Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman, Chris Cornell. Pisces are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back.

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After that, the bigger parts started coming in, including Road to Perdition (2002) Layer Cake (2004) and Munich (2005).JAMES BOND actor Daniel Craig has turned himself into a global superstar after landing the role of 007.He's recently become a father again with the birth of his second daughter - here's the lowdown on the actor...The bets are now on to see who will be his replacement after his last film. In 1992, he married actress Fiona Loudon, and they went on to have a daughter, Ella - but the marriage ended in divorce in 1994.After they split, Daniel was in a seven-year relationship with German actress Heike Makatsch, ending in 2001.

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