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We discuss the different shades of digital strategy, how the title can even confuse the people who do it, experience strategy and what is it? Faris Yakob is a Cofounder of strategy and innovation consultancy Genius Steals. The project took Volvo's history and focus on safety somewhere it hadn't been before. , working in silos, the programmatic mind, and building models. You can find Bogdana here For more strategy talk: 1. A prolific thinker and writer, he has worked all over the world and is now six years into also living all over the world. This will come as no surprise because Forsman & Bodenfors is an agency many haven't seen before. You can find Max here: https://twitter.com/maxslonim For more strategy talk: 1. You can find Farrah here https://twitter.com/farrahbostic and here https:// You can find Cathy here: https:// more strategy talk: 1. She ran strategy at Poke, she once worked at Google, and she was MD of MRM in Romania. You can find Alasdair here: https:// For more strategy talk: 1. Instead, sometimes you're invited to "represent your people," a solo focus group on behalf of an entire population. You can find Melle here Art Noir, her art collective, is here more strategy talk: 1. She's worked in Denmark and New York, but now lives in Sweden.She's a ferocious learner, she loves product and service design, and, after an exceptional career in agencies, she is now playing her mind to a management consultancy. Join 5,000 strategists: book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon. How does it feel to be a lead strategist and have people invite you to meetings but treat you like you're not a lead strategist? Just over a week ago, her team won the inaugural Creative Strategy Grand Prix at The Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Join 5,000 strategists: book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon.He helps run Planners BR, a Facebook group with thousands of Brazilian planners, as well as the podcast Planners Cast. Vibeke Skov is a Danish psychologist with a focus on creativity. Join 5,000 strategists: book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon. Join 5,000 strategists: book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon.As a fellow planner who likes to bring other planners together, I was curious to talk to Iuren about the state of strategy in Brazil - how planners feel about their industry right now, the important topics they're discussing, and how they use Planners BR. She's published six books and has a keen interest in Carl Jung, art therapy, mythology, and dreams. Join 6,000 strategists: book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon. Join 5,000 strategists: book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon. Rachita Vasan is a strategist at Leo Burnett in Chicago. We invited Rachita to present it at The Strategy Super Sizer Megaclass in Chicago. This episode features Rachita’s talk and then an interview. Tim Levinson is a rapper, songwriter, label manager, and artist manager.is about a teenage girl Callie (Abbie Cobb) and her mother Rachel (Gina Holden) who move into an old house which they inherit.While in town, Callie meets a cute guy named Michael.

Email newsletter: Iuren Ramiro is a planner in São Paulo, Brazil. Join 6,000 strategists: book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon.

But consensus, flat hierarchy, and small titles, can that even work in New York? Today - a quick word to strategists who work in pre-sales for tech platforms and publishers, as well as for agencies that are new to strategy and mostly use it in pitches. He's attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity twice.

You can find Trine here: https://twitter.com/trineka For more strategy talk: 1. Plus questions about doing strategy without much time, finding out things without being able to talk to people, and what planners need from Heads of Planning. The first time he attended was to compete as a Young Lion. But I didn't get carried away with the materialistic nature of it - the boats, the rosé, the awards.

It marked the first time he has posted a picture of her.

In his post, he also quoted comments believed to be the words of the late Mother Theresa.

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