Who is steve perry dating now

"Some say it's a sign of weakness/For a man to beg/Then weak I'd rather be/If it means havin' you to keep/'Cause lately I've been losin' sleep." You cannot write a lyric like that, than just runs like blood right through it, non-stoppable and hands itself to the next one, to the next. And to this day that's another watermark I can only do my best to try and touch a piece of it cause it's such an amazing thing. I've always loved the song "I Need You," by the Beatles, it came out on the album. Time goes by, I'm successful in the music business, so grateful to have done that.

And it drops you, "Cause lately I've been losin' sleep." You cannot do that, it's difficult. So to have discovered those songs again, the passion for those songs, or "Kashmir," by Led Zeppelin, or "I Need You," by George Harrison, which I covered because I love it so much. I leave, I'm gone, I start this record, , and I turned to Thom [Flowers, co-producer] and I said, "I've always loved 'I Need You.'" I dabbled with a few covers just for fun, but this one I wanted to do it and I did it differently. So Vinnie [Colaiuta] comes over one day, I played it for him. That's the demo vocal on "I Need You." So I would not put my version, which is a bigger R& B sort of the song, if I could not get the blessing from Olivia Harrison.

Man, if I was young as my heart right now, watch the f**k out. I'm doing the best I can to keep up with my heart, which is young and fresh right now.

Perry said when we spoke recently, "This is a different Steve." Older, wiser, having gone through so much, Perry puts the focus on emotions on this collection.

It is very apparent on the album's best moments, the beautiful "Most Of All," the up-tempo "No Erasin'." Even if he says though it is a "Different Steve," there is no denying it is "The Voice." And for all of music it is damn good to have the Steve Perry back.

  As he said, "Years ago, I disappeared." There were health issues that prompted his retirement, but as former Journey frontman Steve Perry explained in an Instagram post on August 14 of this year, "Mainly my love for music had suddenly left me." Continuing the movie motif, Perry fell in love with the woman of his dreams, rediscovered his love for music and then she passed away in December of 2012 from breast cancer.

Keeping a promise to her to not "return to isolation," Perry is back with , his first new album in almost a quarter of a century.

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