Who is the lead singer of nickelback dating

The Canadian singer was dating her last boyfriend, Canadian music director J. Avril had worn a billowy, off-the-shoulder red dress.

The source said that their relationship is very new and the couple has been seeing each other for the last two to three months only. Avril and her new boyfriend were seen hanging out in Los Angeles on 24 April.

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He told Canada's CBC Radio: ''We're not a cool indie band, we're not Arcade Fire. You're supposed to like those bands because they're hip, they're indie and cool. Over the weekend Lavigne, 31, posted a picture on herself on Instagram wearing a cowboy hot and playing an acoustic guitar, with the caption: “Yee Haw!Fayez Sarofim who is Phillip’s father then decided to marry Lori’s mother Susan Krohn who was by then the ex-wife of billionaire Tracy Krohn. Avril was 17 when she met Dery Whibleyley who was the lead guitarist and vocalist of Slum 41 band. But in 2009 the couple had separated and the divorce got finalized on 16 November 2010.Releasing a statement to the effect, Avril said: Avril then began a relationship with actor Brody Jenner in February 2010. She started a relationship with Canadian rocker Chad Kroeger in July 2012. Their engagement was held in August 2012 and on 1 July 2013, they married at the Château de La Napoule, a reconstructed medieval castle on the Mediterranean in the South of France. On 2 September 2015, she announced on her social media that they are separating.Chad has also been known to produce music for other bands, including Default, Theory of a Deadman and Bo Bice.Chad Kroeger and fellow Canadian/French singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne became involved in a personal relationship after working together on Lavigne's fifth album in March 2012.

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