Who was tila tequila dating that died

Reports are claiming that the 30-year-old almost died Wednesday after overdosing on undisclosed drugs following a brain aneurysm.Emergency services were called to Tequila’s San Diego home at am on Wednesday and the star was rushed to St. Radar Online is reporting that Tequila suffered and aneurysm in the middle of the night, and according to Radar Online, she irrationally took the contents of two bottles of prescription pills while overcome with excruciating pain.After receiving a strange text from her, Tequila’s roommate found her convulsing on her bed and called 911.Tequila, who was stabilized and kept in intensive care all last week, may have suffered permanent brain damage and is apparently still trying to regain her speech.

The tragic star, who made her name with her racy selfies, is said to have died in hospital surrounded by her family. Dolce, who posted under the user name For Bidde N, was proclaimed the Queen of Myspace by Vanity Fair in 2006, at the height of the site’s popularity.

Talking about music, which is created with the direct participation of Tila, we are able to contemplate the fact that it is often presented in the genres: R&B, POP RAP, POP ROCK, electropop, HIP HOP and POP. For a long period of time, Tila Nguyen was dating with: 1. Tila Nguyen is bisexual, that is why she got engaged to Casey in December 2009, which was announced by Tila on December 9, 2009. In 2007, Tila was romantically linked to personality Bobby Banhart, but they separated, first of all because he cheated on her. Billy Corgan – singer, with whom she briefly dated in 2009. Tila lost her virginity at 15 and one year later became pregnant and make abort to continue her carrier.

Nick Carter – one of the members of Next, Tila was RUMORed to have dated singer Nick Carter. Lisa Dumont – reality TV star, with whom Tila was RUMORed to be dating. André Benjamin – simple musician, Tila Tequila was also RUMORed. Unfortunately, Casey died on January 4, 2010 from diabetic ketoacidosis. She’s got short height, light brown hair color, and dark brown eyes.

Cops eventually left her home content that Tequila was indeed resting and not a risk to herself.

Tequila has become notorious for her fame whoring ways, and seemed to be caught in a downward spiral since her Former fiancé Casey Johnson died in 2010 from complications to diabetes.

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