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This discreet dating site caters to people who are married or in a relationship and desire a short-term or long-term affair.Instead of sweeping the desire for extramarital relationships under the rug, Find New Passion addresses this growing niche in the online dating scene and encourages the honest exploration of one’s passions in a safe environment.Not only does the team take reactive measures to block and ban members, it also actively vets and verifies incoming members.The dating site recently introduced a feature to verify the identities of new users and give everyone online the assurance that they’re talking to a real person.“Your privacy is our utmost concern, and our service is unmatched in the dating industry,” Hanna said.

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“That is how Find New Passion was born — created by a married woman for married women who want something more.” Find New Passion caters to both married men and married women and offers a relationship-driven dating environment to find fun, excitement, and connection.

They realized they had feelings for one another, and she broke up a 10-year relationship to be with him. My friend’s discontentment with marriage evaporated once she found the right partner.

That just goes to show that the person you’re with may not be the person you end up with, and even loving partners can have a change of heart when they meet someone special and feel a spark.

Hanna described the typical member as someone who has had great success in most areas of life but is still just a touch dissatisfied in the relationship department.

While an overwhelming majority of users describe themselves as either married or in a relationship, some say they are single and interested in engaging in an affair.

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