Yamada ryosuke dating rumors

He is a former delinquent too, but even though he's a delinquent, he helps people when they're in trouble.

After many events that happened to him, he became nicer and earns many friends due to his change in demeanor.

Even though Ryu learned there were other girls who liked him, he remained dedicated to Urara since he learned how much she liked him.

Also through her, he became more considerate with others and with her help, he became more intelligent in his studies.

Ten years after graduating, he became more mature and intelligent as he learned how to better work with others.

This was shown as he obtained popularity and a good career.

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In the Teacher's Lounge, Ryu sits in a chair as a professor berates him for his poor conduct in school.

an93lazz wrote: is it really okay to married when you're 15 in japan??

it's getting funny to believe this kind of stupid thing...

Meeting her gaze once he comes pass her, he suddenly takes the wrong step, tripping and falls on top of Urara.

He wakes up confused about where he is, and believes that he died.

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